Matters to take note for Buddhist / Taoist Funeral

common symptoms of grief
During the wake period
  1. Refrain from trimming your nails or hair as these have been given by one’s parents.
  2. Avoid engaging in any types of entertainment.
  3. Jewelry and amulets should be removed and cannot be worn temporarily until the wake is over.
Within 49 days of their passing
  1. Refrain from visiting friends or relatives and instead of using this time to reflect about life and allow your emotions to settle down.
  2. Make offerings weekly or fortnightly before the spiritual tablet, in memory and appreciation of the deceased.
Within 100 days of their passing
  1. Avoid wearing bright coloured clothing and refrain from attending weddings, celebratory events or funeral wakes of friends or acquaintances. (Except for school and working uniforms)
  2. Avoid travelling within 100 days unless arrangements have been made in advance.
  3. No major renovations should be carried out in the house during this period.
  4. On the 100th day, make an offering to the deceased at the columbarium or grave site.
Within 1 year of their passing
  1. Celebrate Chinese New Year and other Chinese festival celebrations in a low-key manner. Do not hang lightings and couplets, steam rice cakes, wrap rice dumplings and make glutinous rice balls.
  2. During Chinese New Year, do not give out red packets but allow to accept red packets.
Qing Ming Festival
  1. 10 days before the Qing Ming festival, worship the deceased first before worshiping the other ancestors. The following year, worship the ancestors first then only the deceased.
1st year birthday after passing
  1. On the birthday, worship and makes offerings such as small cake or any food the deceased likes to eat when he or she is still alive. Do not offer noodles (''mian xian'') and red eggs to the deceased.
1st year anniversary of the passing
  1. On the anniversary of passing, worship and makes offerings to the deceased at the spiritual tablet at home.
  2. If you do not install the spiritual tablet at home, makes offerings to the deceased at the columbarium or grave site.