Enlightenment Ceremony

EnlightenmentPixThe Enlightenment Ceremony is meant to free departed souls suffering in the six realms of reincarnation so that they can be rid of their sins, evil desires and purify their spiritual being. It can benefit three types of audiences - the living can obtain happiness and longevity, sentient beings that have been reincarnated can reach a higher realm of Amitabha Pure Land, debtors and foes from previous lives can be liberated and reborn on the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

The Enlightenment Ceremony is a traditional festival where the living makes offering to their ancestors and pray for good fortune. It not only reflects the culture of filial piety and gratitude but also provides the perfect avenue for family members to remember their ancestors. Filial piety is not only measured by the way we respect our parents when they are alive, it is also manifested when we make preparations for their afterlife and continue to care for them even as they pass on.


EC2018_01 2018 Enlightenment Ceremony

EC2017_01 2017 Enlightenment Ceremony

EC2016_01 2016 Enlightenment Ceremony

EC2015_01 2015 Enlightenment Ceremony

EC2014_01 2014 Enlightenment Ceremony

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